Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 030: Investing in Affordable Sub30k Properties with Lisa Phillips

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Episode: 030

Title: Investing in Affordable Sub30k Properties with Lisa Phillips


Lisa Phillips is a real estate investor, mentor and keynote speaker at multiple workshops and real estate investing seminars. Lisa began her journey during the recession of 2009, where she lost her job and home to foreclosure. Left with a $35K condo, she used her ingenuity to rehab the place herself and took steps to becoming a landlord. 

As founder of Affordable Real Estate Investments, she helps Black professionals become rental property owners, and helps them achieve financial freedom by creating: passive income, generational wealth, The freedom to connect to their higher calling and Empowering them to make the world a better place

On this episode you'll learn:

- Lisa’s Background
- Why real estate vs other asset classes
- Lisa’s WHY and motivation
- How to choose a real estate market
- Nuances of investing locally vs out of state
- What are “affordable Sub30K properties?”
- Myths and half truths about Sub30K
- Pros and Cons of Section 8 properties
- Being a profitable AND caring landlord
- Helping the community

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