Tiffany khleif (left), Rod khleif (middle), ME (Right) during rod's multifamily bootcamp 2018

Tiffany khleif (left), Rod khleif (middle), ME (Right) during rod's multifamily bootcamp 2018



Hi there fellow freedom seeker. My name is Bo and I have started my journey towards financial freedom. I have a business degree in Accounting and currently work for a CPA firm in sunny California. I have previously worked at a Financial Services Company where I started to grow my passion for personal finance and obtaining financial freedom through passive income. Fast forward to today, I own 30 rental units across the markets of Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Little Rock.

Through this platform, I hope to share with you the following topics:

1) Personal Finance: Covering various topics such as using credit cards to redeem travel rewards, budgeting, and saving tips for big life events such as a wedding or your first home downpayment.

2) Investing: Real Estate Investing (Rental Properties), 401K, IRA, Roth IRA, and taxable account investing (mutual funds) 

3) Books/Courses: I love to read business and self-help books! I will share my top recommendations and summaries so you can benefit from the nuggets of information. 

I am not an expert in all subjects by any means, but I have created this website to document my experiences (hopefully more do's than dont's), share my knowledge, and connect with others who are looking to do the same.

Thanks for reading!


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