Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 029: Choosing to be the VICTOR and not the victim w/ Dom, Gen Y Finance Guy

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Episode: 029

Title: Choosing to be the VICTOR and not the victim w/ Dom, Gen Y Finance Guy


Dom is the Chief Freedom Officer and blogger at Gen Y Finance Guy where he aims to inspire and motivate other F.I.R.E. enthusiasts and be transparent in his journey towards financial freedom.

Outside of the blogging world, he is a Millennial Corporate executive who comes from humble beginnings, grew up on welfare, but with grit and hard work, he managed to join the C-suite in his early 30s. Today on the show we will talk about Dom's finance tips and tricks, identifying key skills to help you accelerate your career, and practicing the work life blend.

On this episode you'll learn:

- Gen Y Finance Guy’s background
- Importance of Mentors
- F.I.R.E Movement
- Career Hacking 101 - Moving up the Corporate Letter
- Key skills in business
- Work-life blend (aka lifestyle creation)
- Mindset of a Victor
- Advice to younger self

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