Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 031: Importance of Systems and Processes in Real Estate (Part 1 of 2) w/ J Scott

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Episode: 031

Title: Importance of Systems and Processes in Real Estate (Part 1 of 2) w/ J Scott


J is an Entrepreneur, Technologist, Investor and Advisor. He is the host of the BiggerPockets Business Podcast and author of four BiggerPockets books, including "The Book on Flipping Houses," "The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs," and "The Book on Negotiating Real Estate." He is a Real estate investor that's completed over 400 deals since 2008, including flipping, buy-and-hold, multi-family, notes, lending, development and new construction.

On this episode you'll learn:

- J’s Background/Experience
- How J got started flipping homes/lessons learned
- Should Investors Flip or Buy-and-Hold?
- Real Estate Education for Investors
- J’s top 3 criteria for evaluating new markets
- 50% expense rule
- 1% rent-to-value
- Capital Expenditures/Vacancy
- Yield Curve
- Investing in shifting markets
- Negotiating Purchases
- Estimating Repairs & ARV
- J's Investing systems and processes

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