Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 022: Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401Ks, Kaaren Hall, UDirect IRA

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Episode: 022

Title: Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401Ks, Kaaren Hall, UDirect IRA


On today’s episode we have the President/CEO of UDirectIRA services, Kaaren Hall. Despite being in the midst of a recession and mortgage market collapse, Kaaren Hall founded and made resounding success of uDirect IRA Services. The single mom discovered a strategic way to put her 20+ years experience in mortgage banking, real estate and property management to use. The solution was an untapped market for both her skills and for investors – self-directed IRAs. Through uDirect IRA, she has guided tens of thousands of Americans through the process of diversifying their investments using self-directed IRAs. Learn more about Hall and her thriving company at

On this episode you'll learn:

-What is a self-directed IRA?

-What are the benefits of a self-directed IRA?

-Self-directed IRA prohibited transactions

-Roth vs Traditional self-directed IRAs?


-Self-Directed IRA - Real Estate (UBIT, Private Lending)

-Solo 401K - (Eligibility, Cost/Fees)

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