Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 021: Scaling your Out of State Rental Portfolio with David Hutson

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Episode: 021

Title: Scaling your Out of State Rental Portfolio with David Hutson


David Hutson is an active duty Army Lieutenant Colonel with 30 years of military service and serves as the Deputy Director of Human Resources for the California Army National Guard.

He began investing in real estate in 2000 when he purchased a fourplex as his first rental property in Sacramento, CA. Today he owns 18 homes in Memphis, TN and Sacramento, CA. He is currently transitioning his portfolio from California to Memphis, using 1031 exchanges. David is also a partner in 16 different syndications covering 41 commercial and residential properties.

On this episode you'll learn:

-David’s background and real estate experience

-How and why did you get into real estate investing?

-What markets do you invest in and where do you find your deals?

-How do you finance your deals? How are you planning to scale - go big?

-Worst deal or Biggest lesson learned?

-Personal finance tips and/or tricks?

-One thing you would like to share with the BCF listeners?

-Advice for your younger self in High School?

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