Helms REI: Auditor - The Best Job For A Real Estate Investor

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In this episode of The Best Job For a Real Estate Investor, I’m joined by Bo Kim. Bo lives in LA (and for my Alabama friends, that is NOT Lower Alabama). While Los Angeles is an expensive market to invest, Bo has focused his efforts and found success on long distance investing in 11 out of state units (something I hope to do later this year).

Not only does he share the name with one of my childhood heroes, but he he has also incorporated one of his catch phrases: Bo Knows Cash FlowAnd yes, I still have a box full of baseball cards. The only time I’ve ever been star struck was while eating dinner approx. 5 years ago and in walked Mr. Vincent Jackson (how can I get him as a guest on here???). Anyways…after talking with Bo Kim, I’m CONVINCED that being an Auditor IS THE BEST JOB when it comes to investing in real estate on the side.


  • Know YOUR investing criteria.

  • Why Cash-on-Cash Return is important to Bo.

  • Auditors deal with Business Risk Management and SEC Regulations -> key for RE investors.

  • I am not Bo Kim – he is!!