Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 027: Investing in Indianapolis (Part 1 of 2) w/ Ryan Mullin, FS Houses

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Episode: 027

Title: Investing in Indianapolis (Part 1 of 2) w/ Ryan Mullin, FS Houses


Ryan Mullin is the Managing broker at FS Houses. As an Indy native, he first got involved in real estate in 2003 by house hacking in fountain square. Once Ryan officially caught the REI bug, he started his first Real Estate brokerage back in 2005. Focusing entirely on leasing Ryan and his company would find tenants for landlords and charge a fee of the first months rent. This soon turned into providing rental rate information to Investors and becoming an expert in rental property acquisitions. Since then, Ryan has purchased and structured well over a thousand “buy and hold” and “flip” deals right here in Indianapolis and is a neighborhood expert.

On this episode you'll learn:

  • Ryan’s background & experience in REI

  • Indianapolis market overview

  • Investing in rental properties in Indy

  • FS Houses offerings (Brokerage/PM/etc)

  • Turnkey vs Do it yourself

  • Working with out of state investors

  • Grading Indianapolis neighborhoods

  • Biggest mistakes made by newer investors?

  • Patreon (Investor Education and Deal Sourcing Platform)

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