Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 024: Using Multifamily Apartments to Reach Financial Freedom with Powell Chee

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Episode: 024

Title: Using Multifamily Apartments to Reach Financial Freedom with Powell Chee


Powell Chee, is a real estate investor based in Southern California who focuses on affordable markets with solid returns. The foundation of his success is his ability to constantly build a strong network of local market specialists and out-of-state investors. Since 2017, he has purchased two apartment buildings totaling over 100+ units and is actively pursuing other opportunities. He runs a multi-chapter meetup group called Out-of-State Multifamily Investors which grew to 400+ members in just six months. He resides in Los Angeles with his beautiful and supportive wife Angie.

On this episode you'll learn:

- Powell's background

- How and why did Powell get into real estate investing?

- Why Multifamily Apartments?

- What markets do you invest in and where do you find your deals?

- How do you finance your deals? How are you planning to scale?

- First deal or Best Deal?

- Worst deal or Biggest lesson learned?

- One thing you would like to share with the BCF listeners?

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