Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 008: Financing your Rental Properties with Shawn Huss

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Episode: 008

Title: Financing your Rental Properties with Shawn Huss

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On this episode you’ll learn:

1) Shawn Huss, Chemical Bank, and their service offerings for investors. How they differentiate themselves from other banks

2) Differences and similarities from primary residence vs Investment properties (rates, downpayments, etc.)

3) Pre-approval and underwriting process (property cash flow, applicant's DTI, credit rating, reserves, etc.)

4) How do investors scale from 1 - 10 properties (differences from property #4-10)

5) Use of Entities - LLCs, S/C-Corps, and how this plays a role in conventional lending

6) Delayed Refinance, Cash out refinance (with seasoning)

7) Current market outlook, interest rates, what should investors be focused on?