Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 004: Using Real Estate to Create Cash Flow

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Episode: 004

Title: Using Real Estate to Create Cash Flow

Quote of the day: “Real Estate gives you the ability to control and affect the outcome of your financial independence plans. Many other assets leave control in the hands of others” - Chad Carson, Author of Retire early with real estate


On this episode you’ll learn:

  1. Why Real Estate

    1. Historical track record

    2. Tangible Hard asset (you can live in it)

    3. Limited Quantity (Supply and demand)

    4. Control

    5. Passive income (taxes, depreciation, appreciation, loan paydown)

  2. Types of Real Estate Investing

    1. Renting out your home (House Hacking)

    2. Wholesaling (Active)

    3. Flipping (Active)

    4. Commercial (Businesses) & Apartment Syndication (Both GP/LP)

    5. Buy and Hold Rental Properties (BRRRR, turnkey, etc.)

    6. REITs

    7. Private/Hard Money Lending (Notes)

    8. Short Term Rentals (Airbnb, vacation homes)