Audible: Listen to your favorite books anywhere

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Ever since I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and started my journey to financial freedom in 2017, I started to read. A lot. As an accountant who values efficiency among other things, I decided to invest in Amazon’s audiobooks - audible to take advantage of the long commutes to and from work and my various clients.

Fast forward 2 years, Audible has helped me read over 35 books on personal finance, investing, real estate, and self-help. I currently only read non-fiction books, however I am a huge fan of John Grisham’s novels, and look forward to diving into his collection in the near future. In addition to having some authors narrate their own book, if you do not like your audiobook, Amazon will typically grant refunds so that you can select another book.

Reasons why I love my Audible:

  1. Configure your listening speed - I love to listen to podcasts and audiobooks at 1.5x. I am often able to collapse time and read a 10 hour book in little less than a week (10 hours at 1.5 speed = 6.67 hours / 1 hour commute each way = 7 trips).

  2. Sleep Timer - Bed time reading is my favorite time to finish up a chapter that is half complete or review a concept I want to remember in detail. Just like setting an alarm or your thermostat, you can set a sleep timer on your Audible so you can pause the narration when you fall asleep.

  3. Offline download - You can download your audiobooks to listen to them anytime without internet connection or Wi-Fi. I especially like this feature right before I am about to jump on a plane or go to a remote vacation where I know internet may become spotty. By downloading your audiobooks, you can listen virtually anywhere when you have downtime and maximize your learning capacity.

With a vast array of book selections for under $10, you can listen to more books faster and more efficiently than ever before. So, is it worth it? Check it out for free and decide for yourself.

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